Actor Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, has published an interactive VR experience on his profile. It was developed for the technology that Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus have been working on for a long time.

The result is the ability to launch VR applications directly on Facebook, both in the web browser and in the mobile version. At the first fire was a small game that brought us to a jungle hut (where the action sequel “Jumanji” takes place). We can not only look around at 360 degrees but also launch additional videos or collect virtual items. People who do not have VR goggles can also run the “experience”.

Oculus’s blog also boasts of other “experiences” that use React VR, which integrates Facebook with third-party VR applications. In the same way, we can stroll through an exhibition devoted to ancient Egypt at the British Museum or see a collection of early Renaissance paintings at the National Gallery in London.

VR’s built-in Facebook application is a natural extension of the 360-degree video concept that debuted on this platform in June 2016. Two years ago the social networking site Oculus VR, the creator of the Oculus Rift goggles, had a major impact on the development of this technology. The greater number of virtual reality materials available in such popular places as Facebook can go out of business just for good.

If you do not have VR goggles yet, you can start with the simplest design for smartphones.