Facebook seems to be testing a feature that will integrate two of its ecosystem’s top apps: Facebook itself and Whats App. According to news portal “The Next Web” this Friday (22), users are reporting the presence of a dedicated Whats App button in the main application of Facebook. When clicked, the button works as a shortcut, opening Whats App without the need to leave the Facebook app. It was seen in the menu area at the top just below the user name.

The shortcut is currently being tested on the Android version of Facebook, but may also be available to some IOS users. Apparently only a small group of users have access to it for now. According to Arvind Iyer, Facebook user who detected the novelty, the Whats App button appeared to him after he changed the language setting from English to Danish.

Facebook has already chosen Denmark for other limited releases – such as Bonfire, a video sharing app. “The Next Web” reminds us that Facebook was already testing a similar shortcut for Instagram earlier this month.

And in 2015, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network quickly experimented with the addition of a submit button to the WhatsApp in the Facebook app so users can quickly share their photos and posts with their mobile contacts.

However, the feature never reached the official application. As with other tests, there is no indication of when (or if) the WhatsApp shortcut will be available to all Facebook users.