Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Home News Google disables domain change for searches in other countries

Google disables domain change for searches in other countries


Google’s new default update now only gives you relevant search results for your current location.If you are one of those who usually changes the domain to find local information from other sites, say goodbye to this habit. The new default update Google and only offers results search relevant to your current location.

This means that even if you change the domain, for example, If you travel to Mexico, you will automatically receive local results. If you go back to Spain, it will show you local results again without having to do anything different.If you are in Madrid and visits, you will get relevant results only for Spain

The change is effective as of October 27 in the web and mobile version for iOS, both in the search engine and in Google Maps.

In case you want to change the domain to a local version different from yours, you can still do it but from the configuration options that are at the bottom of the page of the results. Right there you can see the version of the country in which you are using it.

According to Google, one in five searches is related to location, so the company believes it is critical to offer local information to provide the best results.

The technological giant ensures that this will not affect the functioning of its services or the way in which the legal obligations of each country are handled. In fact, YouTube and Gmail already operated in this way.