Android is undoubtedly the star operating system among the vast majority of smartphone manufacturers around the world. However, not all companies use the same components or the same technical characteristics.

That’s why Google and MediaTek have teamed up to launch a new version of Android that is designed for manufacturers that use the processors of the Asian company.

The idea is to improve the implementation of the processor and the different technical parts in the system to obtain a better experience and faster updates.

Google’s Mobile Services Express

This new implementation will be called Google’s Mobile Services Express, a variant of GMS, the installation that provides Google apps to manufacturers.

The difference between this version and AOSP is that Google introduces its applications but also the Google’s Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) certification that ensures a better behavior of the terminal with the most used applications.

More launch speed

The fact that the new version is more controlled by Google means that the manufacturer can obviate certain certifications which will make it faster to launch terminals with the latest versions of the system.

Until now MediaTek used the Board Support Package (BSP), a variant of the AOSP-based system that conformed to its hardware. The manufacturers then had to contact Google if they wanted to implement their applications.

By using the new option the process will be cheaper for brands and more effective for the consumer. But above all it will be faster and Mediatek says that its partners can reduce certification time by 66%, from 3 months to a month.

Easier for updates


Some minor brands do not update their models as much as they would like but with this movement it will be easier for them to do so , although obviously the final decision will be in their hands.

Android Oreo will be the base version for GMS Express and will go to Android P as soon as Google releases this version next year.