Although some users do not believe it, the reality is quite logical, Apple and Google are not even enemy companies despite what Steve Jobs would like to make it appear. Both companies, each time they shake hands, are able to offer spectacular financial results and, of course, this is an importanantage for users all over the world.

As you all know, the default search engine in Safari is Google, although we can configure othersGoogle will pay 3,000 million for being the search engine of iOS such as Yahoo and even DuckDuck Go. However … is it free to be the default search engine in iOS? The reality is that no since Google could cost around 3,000 million dollars the business.

According to the latest information shared by  Business Insider, this could be the amount that the company of  Don’t Be Evil would be willing to pay for providing us Apple users the use of their search engine. Although many of us would still use Google very much in spite of whether it is predetermined or we configured it, in fact, we would even end up putting it on the homepage … right?

If the costs of acquiring traffic grow, it is normal that the company that acquires them also grows. Now it’s time to make a series of changes in this type of business, and clearly in the mobile phone market Apple has a very good position.

All these only three years after Google paid only  1,000 million dollars to the Cupertino company for being its default search engine. It is clear that Google wins something by offering iOS users these facilities, so do not be surprised when after searching for a certain trip through Google they do not stop appearing ads offering you a fantastic trip at a spectacular price. The nth deal between Google and Apple where both benefit.