There is no doubt that Tinder and the like are options to take into account if you want to leave your single or simply meet people to have a good time or make some plan, but the applications of citations are based mainly on geographical criteria to propose people that might interest you. That is, once the app knows your profile, crosses it with your database and proposes you people of about the same age and that is some distance from where you are.

But we all know that the chemistry in a relationship goes well beyond the age, the physical aspect and the locality in which we live; in this sense, an exciting project named Hily employs a new element that promises to ‘fine-tune’ the selection of candidates: Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to AI, the system will propose to us people much more likely to fit into your profile and in this way, increase the success of the possible relationship.


As we pointed out, Hily’s key is that he uses an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence, which, after analyzing a whole battery of data that is being accumulated over time (and of course use). The idea behind this tool is to overcome Tinder’s “attractive rate” in proposing new partner candidates and to do a more in-depth analysis than part of the common elements. Thus, the algorithm learns from our tastes as we use the tool: what photos we like, which ones do not, what kind of profile catches our attention …

With all this information, Hily proposes couples much closer to our interests, and in this way, with a much greater probability of success. Another problem that Hily wants to deal with other platforms is the harassment and veracity of the accounts, giving many options to the user to ban those who are out of line and achieving real user profiles.

  • Braden

    Sounds like another dating app in which I can look forward to constant rejection.