You may not have noticed, because you’ve never needed to  download a heavy application outside the home or office. But in  iOS , even in its most recent version –  iOS 11 – it is not possible to download an  app of more than 100 MB if you are not connected to a WiFi network. It is a limitation that Apple imposed long ago, raised to  avoid excessive consumption of megas.

On  Android there is no such limitation of 100 MB. In  iOS , years ago the signature of Cupertino prevented us to download any application of  more than 20 MB , but this limitation was extended up to  100 MB maximum for any type of application. That is to say, that also if we are going to download  a video game we will need to use a  WiFi connection in case they exceed  100 MB of weight . Also, in the  settings of the iPhone – or the iPad – there is no configuration to  remove this limitation.

An obsolete limit: iOS allows no more than 100 MB download without WiFi

The message in question, as we said,  warns that more than 100 MB can not be downloaded without WiFi . And it is a limitation imposed by Apple conscientiously, to  avoid excessive expenses on the hired mobile data rate. With  jailbreak you can eliminate this limit, but with a regular iOS installation is not possible. And it is clear that when we already have rates that far exceed  5 GB , it is time for the firm of Cupertino to  allow larger downloads without using a  WiFi connection.

As we said, the problem in question  has not been solved with iOS 11 . With Apple’s latest mobile operating system, especially developed for  iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone X , it is still impossible to download any  app over 100 MBwhen we do not have an Internet connection. This despite the fact that  64 GB is the minimum memory that is sold, that can download up  to 1 Gbps up 4G LTE with its category 16 modem, and that are getting bigger applications, but also our  data rates .