We all know that in the future of technology Artificial Intelligence will be very important, both to be installed in vehicles that adopt autonomous functions, such as in the field of medical research or, the most common of all, the smartphone industry. Now, Samsung would be planning to create a new research center to become a leading company in terms of AI.

Apparently, Samsung would be focusing now on the development of technologies that have to do with Artificial Intelligence, both for their phones as well as for cars and more. And it is that, for a few years now, this type of movement has already been normal by the largest technology companies, which have already started looking for ways to implement all the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in our day today.

An example of this is the virtual assistants that anyone has on their smartphone, and that, on occasion, allow us to perform certain tasks more easily, but which usually end up being certainly forgotten, as in the case of Bixby, the virtual assistant of Samsung In this case, the research center would be to develop technologies  “more quickly and at the same time market movements,  as the South Korean firm itself said.