It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of the booming Blockchain world. This clear graphic can help you with this.

Blockchain boom: market is becoming increasingly confusing

Feels like a new Blockchain startup is almost daily. Soberly speaking, it is not quite as blatant, but in fact the area is booming enormously. Therefore, it also becomes increasingly difficult to keep track. Joshua Nussbaum, from the New York venture capital firm Compound, is trying to remedy this situation. To this end, he prepared the blockchain ecosystem in the form of a clear graphic.

For the sake of simplicity, he divided the projects into eight categories. Some of them, such as crypto currencies, developer tools, authentication, fintech or just others, are reasonably self-explanatory. For others, however, the subdivision is a bit more unclear – especially since some projects from the categories of sovereignty or value exchange would theoretically have fit into other categories. Thanks to the selected subcategories, the graphics still provide a good and reasonably easy to understand overview of the Blockchain ecosystem.

Checking on the image leads to an enlarged view.